Can Decentralization Give Internet Users More Privacy and Security?

This post was originally published on DP News

< p> DALLAS, TX or ACCESSWIRE / December twenty nine, 2021 / With more than 50% of Internet users a lot more concerned about online privacy within 2019 than they were within 2018, investing in technology made to increase their security may be an option. < /p> < p> A decentralized Internet, Handshake believes, could solve the need for potentially millions of people. < /p> < p> Handshake states that by buying top-level domain names, you can steer clear of the necessity of renting the subdomain on someone else’s top-level domain and avoiding a single party from declaring all names. < /p> < p> Participants may transfer, register, and revise Internet names through the use of the particular Handshake coin (HNS). < /p> < p> Since Handshake and other companies continue to keep innovate their own solutions to Web security, perhaps decentralization may lead us to an Web that is more secure and socially useful. < /p>

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