Digital Envoy Hires New General Counsel/Chief Privacy Officer After X-Mode Acquisition

This post was originally published on DP News

< p> Dec. 13, 2021 / PRZen / NYC — Digital Envoy, the business that introduced the concept of privacy-sensitive IP-based geolocation and IP intelligence, today announced Jordan Kercher as its new Common Counsel and Chief Personal privacy Officer, effective November eight. < /p> < p> TRU Staffing Partners has been exclusively retained to provide an applicant who achieves a standard upon par with Digital Envoy’s outstanding reputation in the industry. < /p> < p> “I am thrilled to pleasant Mike to the Digital Charge team. < /p> < p> Landmark Media Businesses is the majority owner associated with Digital Envoy. < /p> < p> TRU keeps an exclusive global roster associated with contract data privacy, safety, and discovery talent prepared to deploy on-premise or distantly instantly. < /p>

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