EPIC Asks D.C. Circuit to Review Decision Endorsing Secrecy of Drone Advisory Committee Working Groups

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LEGENDARY has petitioned the full D. D. Circuit Court of Interests reverse a recent choice by a three-judge panel allowing the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee in order to conduct much of its operate secret. EPIC filed suit within 2018 against the industry-dominated Panel, which consistently ignored the particular privacy risks posed by deployment of drones— even with identifying privacy as being a top public concern . As a result of EPIC’s lawsuit, the particular Committee was forced to reveal hundreds of pages of records beneath the Federal Advisory Committee Take action. But the lower court dominated that the Committee did not have to disclose records from its secretive subcommittees — a decision that divided board of the D. C. Signal affirmed in April. Routine Judge Robert L. Wilkins, writing in dissent, charged the majority of “doing violence towards the text” of the FACA plus argued that the decision “undermines FACA’s purpose and greenlights an easily abusable program[.]” EPIC’s request highlights ways in which the panel’s opinion conflicts with previous D. C. Circuit choices and warns that the judgment gives federal agencies “a legal roadmap to avert the public scrutiny that Our elected representatives intended FACA to provide. inch The case is LEGENDARY v. Drone Advisory Panel , No . 19-5238 (D. C. Cir. ).

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