EPIC Submits Feedback on the European Commission's Proposal for Harmonized Rules on Artificial Intelligence

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LEGENDARY posted comments determining gaps and proposing personal privacy and fundamental rights-preserving improvements to the European Commission’s Offer for Harmonized Rules upon Artificial Intelligence (the Synthetic Intelligence Act or “AIA”). The AIA is intended like a step forward in proactive rules of AI system make use of. However , EPIC’s comment describes how unaddressed personal privacy and human rights worries may allow AI techniques to be used in ways that trigger serious harm to individuals communicating, knowingly or unknowingly, along with those systems. EPIC suggests that the Commission (i) take away the broad exemptions on regulating requirements for AI techniques and expand prohibitions exactly where necessary, (ii) mandate previous notification to individuals susceptible to AI system decision-making, (iii) fully ban emotion identification and biometric categorization techniques, and (iv) mandate evaluation and approval of AI system conformity assessments simply by data protection authorities just before use. EPIC advocates intended for algorithmic justice, transparency, and responsibility , and recently submitted responses on the OECD Framework for Classifying AI Systems, recommending changes in order to more robustly address personal privacy concerns.

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