EPIC's Winning Case Against AI Commission Comes to a Close

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LEGENDARY has reached a settlement contract in EPIC sixth is v. AI Commission , getting to a close EPIC’s productive litigation to open up the procedures of the National Safety Commission on Artificial Cleverness . The Commission has been charged by Congress along with developing recommendations on the use of AI in national security plus defense contexts. But following the Commission conducted much of the work in secret and without community input, EPIC filed a government lawsuit against the Commission within 2019. EPIC twice won in the case, securing court rulings that the Commission was issue the Freedom info Act as well as the Federal Advisory Panel Act . As a result, the particular Commission was forced to hold public meetings and disclose thousands of pages of information about the work to EPIC. The particular Commission issued its last report this particular spring, urging Congress as well as the President to implement important safeguards on federal AI deployment. However , the statement failed to propose any substantive limits on AI make use of for Congressional enactment, since EPIC urged the Commission to try and do last year. EPIC’s settlement using the Commission resolves EPIC’s claims to attorney’s fees for its focus on the case. The case is EPIC v. AI Fee , No . 19-2906 (D. D. C. ).

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