GAO Report Finds 10 Federal Agencies Plan to Expand Use of Facial Recognition Through 2023

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In a new report the Government Accountability Office (GAO) surveyed 24 federal organizations on their use of facial reputation technology. The report shows that 18 of those companies are using facial recognition for a few purpose including law enforcement, actual physical security/surveillance, and digital gain access to. Ten of those agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Protection, the Department of Proper rights, and the State Department intend to expand their use of face recognition in the near future by obtaining new systems. According to the GAO, twenty-seven states and 6 cities currently allow federal firms to access non-federal facial reputation systems.

The particular GAO’ s report comes after its’ June report that 42 federal police force agencies are using facial reputation technology with little in order to no oversight, often the companies are unaware of employees using the technologies. The report also discloses that the Department of the Inner surface accessed the DC-area NCR-FRILS facial recognition program. EPIC organized a coalition opposing the system, resulting in its shutdown July of the year. EPIC recently submitted suit against the U. S. Postal Service intended for using of facial acknowledgement and social media monitoring technologies without completing statutorily needed Privacy Impact Assessments.

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