President Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring More Scrutiny of Tech Mergers and Data Privacy

This post was originally published on Epic

Leader Biden today signed the wide-ranging executive order with the aim of promoting competitors. EPIC has long argued that market combination in online platform poises privacy. The Executive Purchase aims to address the ways dominant tech firms are usually undermining competition and decreasing innovation in three methods: 1) higher scrutiny of mergers, specifically by dominant internet systems, with particular attention to the particular acquisition of nascent competitors, serial mergers, the accumulation associated with data, competition by “ free” products, and the impact on user privacy; 2) stimulating the FTC to establish guidelines on surveillance and the build up of data; and 3) encouraging the FTC to determine rules barring unfair ways of competition on internet marketplaces. Many years ago, EPIC urged the particular FTC to block Google’ s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick. EPIC said that the acquire would enable Google to gather the personal information of vast amounts of users and track their particular browsing activities across the internet. EPIC correctly warned this acquisition would accelerate Google’ s dominance of the internet marketing industry and diminish competitors. The FTC ultimately permitted the merger to go forwards. EPIC has since repeatedly warned FTC that other mergers presented similar risks to customer privacy and competition, which includes Facebook’s acquisition associated with WhatsApp.

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