Privacy Commissioner, Child and Youth Advocate Launch “Yes, You Can”

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< p> In many of these situations, these privacy concerns aren’t actually founded in law but are based on misconceptions plus risk averse behaviour. < /p> < p> These types of concerns sometimes resulted in an absence of information sharing between specialists working with children at risk, for example healthcare professionals, teachers, law enforcement, social workers, and others. < /p> < p> Appropriate legislation, including the Children, Youngsters and Families Act, the kid and Youth Advocate Action, Access to Information and Security of Privacy Act, 2015, and Personal Health Information Act, enables the sharing of information to guard children who may be within situations requiring intervention. < /p> < p> Information attempts to dispel a few of the privacy myths which can hinder that important work. ”“Hesitancy in sharing information is really a frequent theme that kid serving organizations encounter, ” said Child and Youngsters Advocate, Jackie Lake-Kavanagh. < /p> < p> They will deserve this. ”– thirty –Learn more“Yes, You Can”: Dispelling the Myths regarding Sharing Information Relating to Kids and Youth Who Get Government Services Desktop ReferenceMedia contactsSean MurrayDirector of Analysis & Quality Assurance709-729-6309Wilma MacInnisOffice of the Child and Youngsters Advocate709-753-3888wilmamacinnis@ocya. nl. ca< /p>

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