The ICO’s announcement about Clearview AI is a lot more than just a £17 million fine

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< p> This is more or less the business enterprise model and aspiration associated with Clearview AI, a company that will only received worldwide interest following a New York Times analysis back in January 2020. < /p> < p> The particular reports that followed concerning the company’s alleged law enforcement plus police clients triggered an array of investigations by data personal privacy regulators across the globe, with a lot of them condemning the company’s practices. < /p> < p> The united kingdom independent data protection regulator’s announcement last week, which provides a result of a joint analysis with its Australian counterpart, comes after suit. < /p> < p> The Information Commissioner’s Workplace (ICO) has found that will Clearview AI appears to have got failed to comply with UK information protection laws in several methods. < /p> < p> Companies like Clearview AI that lurk in the history and track us on the internet have no place in modern society. < /p>

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