Top EU official warns privacy rules may need to change

This post was originally published on DP News

< p> But the chair associated with Europe’s network of personal privacy regulators, Andrea Jelinek, is not really calling for immediate adjustments. < /p> < p> The split goes to the very center of the debate around GDPR enforcement: the “one-stop-shop” system, which requires that businesses are regulated by the country by which they are legally established. < /p> < p> The particular establishment of a pan-European power has been floated to strengthen EU enforcement in main cross-border cases involving businesses like Facebook and Search engines, which affect citizens throughout the 27-member bloc. < /p> < p> For now, change of the EU’s privacy adjustment mechanism is unlikely, along with lawmakers unwilling to open upward one of the bloc’s flagship laws and regulations to another round of intensive lobbying. < /p> < p> But in private, EUROPEAN UNION officials say changes aren’t out of the question longer term if Europe’s privacy regulators continue to misfiring. < /p>

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