UN Calls for Moratorium on Harmful AI, Establishment of Data Protection Legislation and AI Regulation

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Inside a document published these days, the United Nations High Office for Human Rights known as on governments to “ ban AI applications that will cannot be operated in conformity with international human legal rights law and impose moratoriums on the sale and usage of AI systems that bring a high risk for the pleasure of human rights, except if and until adequate shields to protect human rights have been in place. ” The record also stresses the need for extensive data protection legislation as well as a regulatory approach to AI that will prioritizes protection of human being rights. UN High Office for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet explained “The danger of discrimination linked to AI-driven decisions – decisions that may change, define or harm human lives – is too real. This is why right now there needs to be systematic assessment plus monitoring of the effects of AI systems to identify and reduce human rights risks. ” EPIC has long recommended for comprehensive data protection laws , moratoriums on particularly harmful tools plus commonsense AI regulation to protect the public.

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